May 30, 2024
Website Called So Nerdy

When we say the word nerd, there are a lot of things that can be associated with the same word. When it comes to teenagers then we would probably say this word for someone who wears glasses all the time, is stuck in the library and reads books, likes coffee or watches anime.

Basically, the word nerd is used for those people who are introverts, and the kind that likes books, stories, poems, art or something like that which is not appreciated enough or loved by the general population. The kind that we would talk about in this article would be those nerds that love the computer, technology, and stuff like that.

There is a special website that is created for the same people who vibe with the above sentence that is mentioned before. This site is known as sonerdy and you would not believe as to what they sell and how useful it is.

monitor PC or a desktop PC

Who is sonerdy and what do they do?

So before we go on to discuss the website let us talk about your computer first. When it comes to bulky PCs such as a monitor PC or a desktop PC, there are many things that you need to realise or you need to understand before you buy one. The first important thing that you need to consider is the fact that your PC would stay somewhere in your room and it would take a lot of space, so you need something that would minimise the space that it takes and also improves its life.

Do you know that where you keep your PCs tower actually affects your PC’s performance and the life it has or whether it would work for about two to three years or more than that? If you do not know about that then you should realise it more often than possible because that is what would affect your computer’s life and performance.

This is where is sonerdy comes in. They are an online shopping website for towers that you can buy for your PC. Again, if you don’t know what towers are that then you need to realise the fact that they are important when it comes to your PC’s performance. The moment you keep your PC on your carpet then you are restricting airflow from the vent which is present below the CPU and it is thus restricting the performance of your PC.