May 30, 2024
The Pomeranian Breed

 A famous word Pomeranian a famous dog breeds. These dogs are often known as pom pom or pom. These dogs are very sweet in appearance. They are small and cute. They usually weigh between 4 to 7 lb and their height is 13-28 cm. They are very feathery and soft. Nowadays these dogs come in many colours like brown, red, white, blue, cream, black, tan, spotted, and all these colours combined. But most commonly they are in orange, cream, white or black.

The cutest bundle of joy!

Like German shepherd Pomeranian dogs are also double coated. Grooming of these dogs on daily basis is difficult because of its thick coat but it can be easy if you trim your dog in every 2 months. This dog have two coats, harsh from the out but very soft from inside. They are like kids. You can make them enjoy alone by giving them a good toy for playing.

The nature of Pomeranians!

Pomeranian is known to be a very playful, friendly and lively kind of breed. They love to be around there owners and tickle them. They can quickly adapt to any atmosphere. They are little emotional as they can suffer anxiety if separated from their owners. They are very protective fro there land, they immediately start barking if saw any intense situation.

Cutest Dogs Of All Time

Pomeranian is believed to be very intelligent dogs, they respond to trainings, and is quite successful in getting anything they want from their owners. These dogs are extroverts in nature and they like to be centre of attraction. Pomeranian dogs act like little kids. They are stubborn. That is because people treat them as children. And because of this reason there training should be started when they are in small age that is when they are puppies.

Taking care of Pomeranians:

The life span of a Pomeranian dog is 12 to 16 years. They should be taken care of properly because they can suffer many health problems. The breed needs some serious training so that it can fulfil your expectations. In other words, health care is a necessary segment, which needs to be addressed with full care. Make sure that after the pup has been purchased, taking care of vaccination and other essential requirements is necessary. You can analyse the nature of the pups and take care of them with all your heart!