May 30, 2024

Magento 2 is a popular E-commerce platform made by Roy Rubin & Yoav Kutner. Magento was released on 31st March, 2007. Today, it is considered to be the most useful program for the business online, and currently the biggest E-commerce platform across the world. Besides Magento 2 is one simple, quite versatile, and fast to use software. Let us know more about this software here:

Where to Use Magento 2?

Magento 2 is a popularly used Content Management System or CMS for creating stores online across the world by the powerful and scalable architecture. It’s compatible with new technologies like – PHP7 that means much faster load time compared to it earlier version Magento 1. But, Magento 2 allows user to update their E-commerce site automatically.

Magento 2 provides some rich features & extensible codebase. Because of some amazing features, organizations with large and small operations can use this platform for various projects. To know Magento 2 clearly, it is important to check about it in detail.

Magento 2 Offers Perfect Solution

Magento Commerce Cloud is the paid and customized solution that offers much better performance as well as scalability for the large and fast-growing businesses.

It gives you an access to the expert support and many different features and extensions that you may use for powering the store and give you higher control over the website.

Magento Open Source is accessible for free download as well as is aimed for the developers who know the way around Magento and for the small businesses who would like to hire the developer.

This particular Magento edition is the open source software solution and offers you an access to the community support, and basic Magento features, like adding product categories, coupons, user groups, and more.


Do You Need To Migrate Over Magento 2?

Suppose you have made this far, then you know  that there are many amazing reasons why it’s necessary to migrate from your Magento 1 solution that it is no longer supported, however does that mean you have to switch to latest version Magento 2?

Answer is no. Actually, lots of businesses are taking opportunity to be forced to leave their Magento 1 solution to cast the wider net as well as consider various options.  Developer & design work, theme, and other aspects of the store will have to get recreated to Magento 2. Suppose you are going to do that work anyway, it makes the best opportunity to consider various options.