May 30, 2024
Building Your Brand’s Image

The coronavirus pandemic has crushed many businesses. As more establishments close or are struggling to thrive, people are looking for other business ideas to venture into. If you are one of them then take a look at the top 5 options that you can try amidst this health crisis that has negatively affected the business world.

  1. Remote Event Coordinator

Even though many companies have now switched to working from home,  employers are still looking for ways to give their employees a break, as they would have team buildings before the pandemic started. If you have been working as an events coordinator before, you can still do that online. You can host live sessions online or create activity kits that can help the team bond virtually.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media has truly created a new avenue for businesses to market their brands online. If you have expertise in this field, then you can make use of it now. Companies with little to no social media presence are now looking into running their accounts online to improve their audience engagement and boost sales. As a social media manager, you can definitely help them out.

  1. Online Selling or Reselling

If you have noticed, online shopping has become more popular these days. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, then you can start considering becoming an online seller. Or maybe you have contacts with business owners who are looking for people to market their products online. You can purchase and resell their products and earn profit from them too.

When Building Your Brand’s Image


  1. Delivery Service

Online sellers and other business owners are looking for ways to deliver their products to their customers. To help them out while earning money for your assistance, you can start your delivery service. Those who are selling from home can’t always rely on couriers. That is why they are looking for local delivery persons who can deliver their products for them. 

  1. Virtual Tutoring Services

Are you qualified to offer tutorial services to students? If yes, then you can start offering your virtual tutoring services online. Even though face-to-face classes are now slowly being allowed again, some parents are still looking for tutors for their kids. Even those parents who are working from home are looking for a professional tutor who can assist students with their homework or lesson reviews.

Never let COVID-19 stop you from moving on and starting anew. If you know the right businesses to venture into, then you will have a better chance of making it big this time. May the top article have given you options on which business ideas would work best for you this year.